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by JustNLongorio/EV

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released February 8, 2017

Produced, Arranged and Composed by Justin Longorio(Guitar, Vocals and Drum Programming) with Alicia Borman(Bass, Vocals plus Drum Programming on L-v-L)



all rights reserved


Justin Longorio Dallas, Texas

Atypical Musical Personal

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Track Name: Fixxx
Washed away with a kiss
Years and tears of remiss
An addict cannot resist

I've gotta have it
Yeah I've gotta have it
You are my fix

Been apart for too long
That craving's grown so strong
An addict cannot resist


Clean until recently
You replaced the hole in me
An addict cannot resist

Track Name: Narcissistic Nobodies
People suck if you listen to the news
The news and will give you the blues
That sucks because you fell uncool
That sucks because you know you rule

Nothing in the way of ego
Trolls be hating let it roll
Narcissistic Nobodies come and go

What makes the world go round
The sky is full nobody on the ground
A sea of emptiness in which to drown
Egomaniacs all over town


It's about everyone but you
News flash nothing's new
It's about what's true is true
News flash nothing new

Track Name: Bi Valve
Oh oh oh, this cold heart, separated in two parts
One is his and the other is bliss
Center soft but outside it's so hard
Outside it's so hard

Blood pumping chambers underwater
All shiny all shiny on the inside
You'll find me deep under the water
All shiny all shiny on the inside

My my my milky little pearl, right down in the swirl
Got it's own beat, got it's own heat
Whispers what it is to be a girl
What it is to be a girl


Oh oh oh hold it in your hand, wet at sea and dry on land
Velvet shell gone parallel
Side by side and waiting for her man
Waiting for her man
Track Name: Mixed Signals
Sending out mixed signals
Can't have it both ways
Coming from all the wrong angles
Don't like a word you say

(appropriate response)

Sending out mixed signals
Can't have it both ways
Coming from an Alt-right angle
Don't like a word you say

Typical guy in his twenties
Failing his feminist studies
Typical shit in his twenties
Looking for a fuck-study buddy
Track Name: Multitasking
You don't get the real me
I'm not home
Standing right beside you
I dive into my phone

I'm a very important man
A very important man

Always Multitasking
Getting nothing done
Master of illusion
Friend to know one
Always Multitasking
Sad and alone
Should have got to know you
Instead I got to know my phone

Attention span deflection
Like some else is texting
Cannot tell you how I feel
But I liked you postings

Every single one
Every single one

Always Multitasking
Getting nothing done
Jack of all trades
Master of none
Always Multitasking
Sad and alone
Should have got to know ya
Instead I got to know my phone

What's the app for that?
Where's the app for that?
Track Name: L-v-L (Lust vs. Love)
That deep down lust that you do so well
Soul-melt spark they read in your eyes
Rotation of your hips, in the way that you walk
What you're hungry for you can't disguise

It's a chemical need and a temporary fix
Delicious predicament you adore
Pulsating blood pumping gorgeous little tricks
Kinda keeps you keeping on, but you what more

Lust is the get, the get and the have
Transitory pleasure, but it doesn't make you bad (not bad!)
Love is to give, don't ever give up
Pour out your heart, it's a bottomless cup

Your cells drift away from the day that you are made
Dance dance dancing through dirt dust molecules of man
Mesmerized by the opposite sex on parade
Look you'll never see them all, but do what you can

It's a parody of the real thing
'Til its the real thing
It's a parody of the real thing
It's the real thing
Track Name: Hollow Victory
Everybody likes me, nobody hates me, nobody hates me
It's a world gone crazy
'Cause I'm sleazy and I'm lazy

It's a Hollow Victory

Hold back the tide, tough guy
With you false sense of pride

Everybody wants cheap surgery, cheap surgery
To get rid of the insecurities, insecurities, insecurities

It's a Hollow Victory

Turn back the hands of time
With your last hard earned dime

the world has changed
You won't be the same
It'll happen a little everyday
We are all in the same way

It's a Hollow Victory
Track Name: ReTweeter
Walks the walk but doesn't talk the talk
His opine a party line
Takes domain over what you claim

1st at being 2nd
over heard wisdom beckons

Top cat in the copy arts
one foot in the social grave
validation is what he craves

Click this link and get in sync
With what you're supposed to think
Click this link and get in sync
With what we want you to think

No thoughts of his own
No opinions to hold
Nobody really knows